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APM LZOS 130/780 F6 Triplet APO Refractor inc Rings, Dovetail, Case - 3.7" Focuser

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The APM 130/780 is a compact observing and imaging apochromat with a fast F6 focal ratio from APM. Traditional APM-LZOS quality can be found in the lens cell, which as usual, is guaranteed to be a minimum 95% Strehl. The 130/780 is fitted with a large 3.7" focuser capable of taking heavy loads. Integral to the design of the focuser is a stepped thread arrangment allowing different correctors to be fitted without the need for extra adaption.  In addition a, the large diameter of the focuser minimises the effects of vignetting when used with a reducer. The focuser also provides 360 degree rotation and 1:10 fine focusing. Motorisation is supported with either the Lunatico Seletek or Optec Directsync motor focuser kits.

Imaging accessories offered for the 130/780 include an entry level 2.5” Field Flattener , and high performance apochromatic APM Model 1 Flattener both of which maintain focal length. There is also two apochromatic APM Reducers, the M63 Reducer for correction up to 40mm and M82 Reducer for correction up to 50mm. These change the focal length by a factor of x0.75, resulting in a 553mm focal length and ultra fast f4.5 aperture.

The 130/780 also features a retractable Dew-Shield . Both focuser options provide 360 Degree rotation for perfect camera alignment, high load capacities and 1:10 lockable fine focusing.

As standard the APM 130/780 is supplied with tube rings, handle, Losmandy format dovetail, a 2"/1.25" visual clamp, aluminium flight case and an LZOS test certificate.


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