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TEC 140ED F7 FPL-53 Oilled Triplet APO Refractor

TEC 140ED F7 FPL-53 Oilled Triplet APO Refractor

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NOTE: Orders for the TEC 140ED Telescope are currently subject to a lead time of about 5 weeks. Lens cells are in stock with TEC so lead time is only for tube build. All orders placed require a 30% deposit with order.

The TEC 140ED is a classic apochromtic telescope. It offers excellent light gathering capacity with compact size while offering outstanding optical quality. Its F7 focal ratio makes it well suited for imaging applications. When used with a front mounted D-ERF it is also well suited to solar observing and imaging.


The TEC 140 is an Aplanatic Oiled Triplet refractor using FPL-53 glass for the middle element. The colour correction is optimised for visual use with focus shift of less than 0..2% from 436nm to 1000nm. Calculated strehl for the e-line (546nm) is 0.99. Testing of lenses has shown that the average actual strehl is very close to this with RMS wavefront error of less than 1/50 wave.

The oiled design has only two air to glass surfaces which offers the possibility of a higher contrast image due to reduced light scatter and glare compared to some air spaced designs.

The telescope is supplied as standard from us with tube rings and case and the excellent Starlight Instruments 3.5" focuser which can cope with almost any camera load. The focuser may also be motorised for more demanding imaging applications.

This option includes rings, 9" Losmandy Plate and carrying handle but no case.


For imaging applications a matching TEC Field Flattener (FF140) is available. Alternatively the TEC 140 may also be used with the APM Model 1 and also our 2.5" Flattener.

Aperture 140mm
Focal Length 980mm
Focuser Starlight Instruments 3.5" Feathertouch
Focuser Max Load 5.5kg
Minimum Length 860mm
Tube Diameter 150mm
Dewsheild Diameter 178mm
Weight, including Rings 9.6kg
Backfocus 170mm
Included Items Tube Rings / Handle / 9" Losmandy Plate



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