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Moravian Instruments G3-11000EC Mk I Mono Class 1 CCD Enhanced Cooling

Moravian Instruments G3-11000EC Mk I Mono Class 1 CCD Enhanced Cooling

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The Moravian Instruments G3-11000 Monochrome CCD Camera has a large format low noise, high quantum efficiency Kodak KAI-11002 Class 1 CCD Sensor.

Its large 36mm x 24mm sensor is equivalent in size to the traditional 35mm film format. The camera is therefore ideal for imagaing large areas of the sky and may be used with conventional camera lenses designed for this image format.

A version of the camera is available with an internal filter wheel for use with 5 x 2" filters

The G3 camera is an excellent camera chassis with very low noise electronics that allow the full performance of the sensor to be realised. The cooling performance of the standard version is 48°C below ambient ensuring very low dark current. This enhanced version of the camera has superior cooling which increases maximum cooling to 53°C below ambient. This 5°C increase reduces dark current by half and leads to improved camera performance in all enviroments.


Sensor - Kodak KAI-11002 Monochrome CCD, Class 1

Resolution - 4032 x 2688 pixels

Full Well Capacity: appr 60,000 e-

Output Node Capacity: appr 140,000 e-

Pixel Size: 9 x 9 µm

Size of imaging area: 36.3 mm (H) x 24.2 mm (V)

Interface: USB 2.0 (USB 1.1 compatible)

Cooling: Two-stage Peltier up to 53°C below ambient maximum, 50°C below typical


Shipping and Packaging

G3 CCD cameras are supplied in a foam-filled, hard carrying case containing the camera body with a user chosen optional telescope adapter.

The standard 2" barrel adapter is included by default.

If ordered, the filter wheel is already mounted inside the camera head and filters are threaded into place (if ordered).

100-240 V AC input, 12 V DC output “brick” adapter with 1.8 m long power cable.

5 m long USB A-B cable for connecting camera to host PC.

CD-ROM or USB Flash Drive containing camera drivers, SIPS software package with electronic documentation and PDF version of User's Manual.

Printed copy of camera User's Manual


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