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Moravian Instruments G1 Mono CCD (Sony ICX445)

Moravian Instruments G1 Mono CCD (Sony ICX445)

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Moravian Instruments G1-1200 Monochrome CCD Camera is an ideal low cost Deep Sky Imaging Camera. Featuring a cooled Sony ICX445ALA CCD 1/3" Sensor, it can capture a range of subjects from the Moon and Planetsto Deep Sky Objects. Its high sensitivity, low noise, fast image download, electronic shutter and integrated ST4 guide port also allow the G1 to be used for more demanding guiding applications.

Thanks to their capability to integrate light, G1 cameras can guide successfuly on even dim stars, invisible for common TV and web cameras. Robust construction, small dimensions, easy handling and powerful software make G1 cameras ideally suited for beginner astrophotographers.

The Sony ICX445 CCD detector, used in this camera, is produced using EXview HAD technology and offers high quantum efficiency. The 1/3" detector format (4.9 × 3.6 mm) combined with small pixels (3.75 × 3.75 μm) is well suited to short focal length guiding scopes such as the APM 60mm.

The EXview HAD CCD production technology, ensuring high quantum efficiency especially in near infra-red portion of the spectrum, is particularly important for usage in astronomy when capturing dim stars or other objects.

The camera is powered via USB direct from your PC / Laptop.

The G1 camera features a simple cooling fan, which significantly reduces CCD dark current. G1 cameras are also equipped with standard CS-thread adapter, so they are compatible with various CCTV lenses, microscopes and other devices.



Sensor: Sony ICX445ALA Monochrome CCD

Colour filter: None

Resolution: 1296 x 966 pixels

Quantum Efficiency: above 50%

Pixel Size: 3.75 x 3.75 µm

Imaging Area: 4.9 x 3.75 mm

Interface: USB 2.0 (USB 1.1 compatible)

Download time: appr. 0.05s with USB2.0 (with a USB1.1 host download time can be significantly longer)

Cooling: Integrated Fan

The G1 cameras support 16-bits digitization, significantly enhancing the dynamic range. Strong anti-blooming protection keeping even bright stars round without blooming streaks. They also provide a very fast readout / pixel digitization speed reaching 8 MP/s in fast read mode. Low read noise in slow read mode ensure clean dynamic images. The G1 also features a CS-thread adapter and also other alternatives lens adapters including Canon EOS and Nikon bayonets.

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