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4 Channel DVR / Streamer with 1TB Storage

4 Channel DVR / Streamer with 1TB Storage

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This DVR provides up to 4 channels of camera connectivity. However its functionality allows you to mix different camera standards. You can mix Analogue, HD-TVI and even an IP Camera (only 1) on a single unit.

Its 1TB of internal storage allows for recording all 4 cameras in full motion, real time so nothing is missed. The DVR permits either motion detect recording or a new technology called 'instant detective'. This allows you to go to specific points in a recording where part of the image changed (i.e. something went missing).

The supplied software allows you to access the DVR via either a Browser or dedicated application. This can allow either full control of the system or present a simple window on your desktop. In addition the DVR is full accessible via an Android or Apple app using your phone or tablet.

A DVR is a very useful addition to your observatory. It not only provides you with a means to monitor your system but also provides security for your investment.




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