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Gemini G53F Equatorial Mount 45kg Load USED / PRIVATE SALE

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Gemini G53F Equatorial Mount 45kg Load USED / PRIVATE SALE

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This mount was originally purchase new from us in March 2017. The list price was £6699. In addition to its standard equipment it is supplied with a bracket for a QHY Polemaster

This Gemini G53F German Equatorial mount tracks the stars with the highest precision in its category. Based on Gemini's Friction Drive System, it is the perfect solution for amateur or professional astrophotographers working in the field and for small to medium observatory use, operated locally or remotely.

What are the advantages over the gear worm based system?

The Gemini friction drive mount has no backlash at all and guides perfectly even in DEC, enabling longer auto guiding exposures of 5-10 sec. The special wear resistant design maintains performance over time. These characteristics and many others combined with G53F's low weight make the G53F Friction Drive German Equatorial Mount an ideal astrophotography mount in the field or in the observatory.

General Specifications

Incremental Encoder based friction drive

PULSAR 2 based drive system

Real Time PEC function to keep the target within cca 1,5″

Absolute position reference for recovery after system breakdown

Can be separated in two parts (4 screws), the total weight is only 20 kg

45 kg payload

Integrated Losmandy Saddle Plate (exchangeable)

Sidereal, Lunar, Solar and 3 custom tracking rates

Up to 4,5 deg/sec GoTo speed

LX200 (most commands) and ASCOM compatible

Reference stars, M, NGC, IC,  and custom programmable database

Smart meridian flips (for robotic mode and efficient GoTo)

Parking also via external switch (cloud detector)

Real time refraction correction (for tracking and GoTo)

12-18 VDC operation, 1A consumption

Built in GPS receiver in the hand controller

Free firmware updates, language versions and many other goodies

Polemaster Bracket

5 years of warranty for mechanical parts and 1 year for all electronic parts

Supplied with 1x4.4kg and 2 x 7.7kg counterwieghts. Includes transport case.


The G53F package offers exceptional value. No other friction based mount near its price offers comprehensive handset based control, incremental encoders, counterweights, saddle plate, internal wiring, a polemaster bracket and a carrying case as standard!


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