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HiTec Astro Mount Hub Pro V4 - SALE

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The Mount Hub Pro V4 is a compact multi-function 'Hub' that is located on your telescope to provide a centralised location for control of your power, dew control, flat panels, focuser and communications via USB. It features;

- A robust aluminium housing

- 6 port integrated USB2.0 hub

- 4 PC Controllable power outputs. These can be preprogrammed to automatically turn on (or off) when the device is first powered so you can retain the "always on" functionality. All power ports can be toggled on/off via software

- 3 Variable Dew Heater Ports. Two of these can be used to control an electroluminescence (EL) panel without flickering

- Voltage monitor which displays the loaded voltage. This is the voltage which the device is operating at. A heavy load of devices will cause the voltage to drop on your power supply. You can now see this visually in our software. This is especially useful if used with a PSU which has variable voltage adjust. You can adjust this so that the correct voltage is available at the telescope during actual use.

All power and dew ports have a current monitor which measures (in amps) how much power each of your devices is consuming. There is also separate monitoring of the USB current being consumed. All power ports have individually selectable software fuses which will turn a device off if it consumes more than a preset limit. This would be useful for example if your mount snagged and the motors started to strain. It may help avoid damage to your equipment. (note: this feature is designed to help safeguard your equipment, however we cannot take responsibility for the use of this feature)

- Choice to use Stepper or DC focus motor (we still recommend stepper motor for precise focusing). Compatible with any unipolar stepper motor.

- Also included is a temperature probe that displays the ambient temperature in software. Temperature compensated focusing is enabled on the stepper motor controller.

- Reverse polarity protection (tested to 100amps)

- Maximum total current capability of 15 Amps

- The USB hub has been tested to operation down to -10°C

- Each output can be named allowing you to easily identify what is connected.

Included with the Mount Hub Pro V4 are;

- 4 x 2.1mm DC to 2.1mm DC Power Cable of 1m length

- 1x Temperature Sensor Probe

- 1 x Power Cable. This has a 'Cigar' Lighter type connection.

- 1 x DB9 to RJ45 Focus Motor Adapter

- 1 x Mounting Bracket Set. This allows easy fitting to either Vixen GP or Losmandy style saddle plates

The Mount Hub Pro is an essential accessory for any astrophotography based system. It allows you to manage cables easily, requiring only the main power and a USB feed to provide complete mangement of your system.

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1 - 1 of 40 results