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Baader Planetarium T2 Prism Diagonal with 1.25" Fittings

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The Baader 2456005-K Prism diagonal is an excellent and versitile diagonal that offers very good value for money. Firstly, by being based on a prism its performance will not deteriorate over time as is the case with cheap mirror diagonals which can tarnish. Its 1.25" fittings allow it to be used with a huge range of telescopes and eyepieces. A useful feature of its 1.25" clamp, is that this also has a micro focusing capability.

Unlike other 1.25" diagonals available, this model is based upon the T2 format. This therefore provides a much larger 32mm clear aperture internally. The 1.25" fittings can be unscrewed and replaced with larger 2" fittings if required. Note that with eyepieces using field stops above 32mm, vignetting will occur. In addition to 2" accessories, the use of the T2 format allows the diagonal to be fitted directly to Baader Binoviewers, saving valuable back focus.

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1 - 1 of 15 results