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Tecnosky 102 F11 Doublet Achromat with 2" Focuser

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The Tecnosky 102/1100 Achromat is a very good value 4" refractor offering low cost with good colour correction thanks to its high F11 focal ratio. While longer than a typical 4" APO it is actually quite light at only 5.4kg.

It features an alignable cell, together with a lightweight aluminium tube including tube rings and a dovetail. The supplied focuser is a 2" Crayford type with 1:10 fine focusing. Although a 'budget' Achromat, its F11 focal ratio does not place high demands on the crown and flint glasses and it is very well corrected.

A 100mm scope offers significant benefits in light gathering compared to smaller scopes and together with its good correction, the 102/1100 is an ideal telescope to star with, being nearly half the cost of a ED glassed Semi-Apo of the same aperture.

A particularly good application for this telescope is as a solar telescope. It works well with White Light options like an EMC front mounted filter or Herschel Wedge. It is ideal for Calcium wavelengths using the Calcium Quark and particularly the Lunt CaK Module. With a simple internal ERF like the 35nm H-Alpha, it is also ideal for use with a quality rear mounted Etalon like the Solar Spectrum range. Use of these would require adding a Baader TZ-3 Telecentric.


Doublet air-spaced Fraunhofer Achromat

All glass surfaces are fully multi coated

Aluminum tube with Rings and Dovetail

Retractable lens hood with locking screw

2" Crayford Focuser. 1:10 fine focus

Adapter from 2 "to 1.25" with locking clamp brass included

No case is supplied with this scope.

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1 - 1 of 4 results