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Pierro Astro EQ Tooth - SkyWatcher RJ45

Pierro Astro EQ Tooth - SkyWatcher RJ45

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EQTooth is a range of mount control interfaces designed to allow wireless control of your mount. Currently the range allows control of Skywatcher mounts and is available for those with both RJ45 and DB9 Serial sockets.

The device communicates via Bluetooth and requires no batteries, drawing its power directly from the mount. It is supplied with a Bluetooth USB dongle should your computer not offer Bluetooth communications natively. No software is required as your computer will automatically install the correct driver.

When used with Skywatcher mounts, it makes use of the excellent EQMOD ASCOM interface which allows operation with any of the EQMOD modules or any Planetarium software that supports ASCOM interfaces.

EQTooth removes the unnecessary wiring allowing simple control of your mount via your computer for GoTo, slewing and auto-guiding without the chance of cables getting tangled or unplugged.

This model features an RJ45 connector as used on the Skywatcher HEQ-5, AZ-EQ6, EQ8 and similiar Orion mounts

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