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Optec FocusLynx Hub with DirectSync SV Motor Kit for APM, Tecnosky 3" ZTA Focuser - SALE!

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The FocusLynx DirectSync SV system is an aftermarket add-on for the 2.5" and 3" R&P ZTA Focusers used by the APM 107/700, Tecnosky 100Q, 130 and TS 80/500 to name but a few. It includes the FocusLynx focus controller and new DirectSync SV digital motor with built-in temperature sensor. The new DirectSync SV motor provides a direct drive motor that can be easily disengaged for manual focusing. The DirectSync SV motor kit is easy to install and provides a digital focusing solution that also allows manual focus when at the telescope.

The FocusLynx DirectSync SV package was designed especially for the 2.5" and 3" ZTA focusers. It features a direct gearing system that leaves the planetary reduction assembly and unique tensioning system intact, DirectSync SV can achieve greater positional repeatability and carry imaging camera packages in excess of 5 kg (11-lbs)!

Coupled with the FocusLynx controller, QuickSync can be used in both manual and automatic focusing modes. Fully ASCOM compliant, Optec's FocusLynx Commander software works in conjunction with higher level client software such as FocusMax and Maxim D/L as well as CCDSoft and TheSky X to provide auto-focusing for a wide variety of manual focusers.

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