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AZ-T6 Mini Alt-Az Mount

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The compact AZ-T6 Alt-Az mount is an ideal travel mount. Weighing less than 2 kg and approx. 100 mm x 100 mm size, it is easily stored.

It features adjustable friction in altitude and azimuth and allows for an optional counterweight shaft to be fitted increasing its payload capacity from 4kg to over 6kg using optional 1kg Counterweights.

The head of the mount has M6 fixing points to allow for the fitting of almost any clamping system using 35mm spacing. The mount attaches to a tripod using a standard 3/8" screw.

In addition to this mount being ideal as a compact Alt-Az mount for use with small telescopes or binoculars, it is also ideally suited for use as an EQ mount when used with a portable astrophotgraphy mount such as the Fornax Lightrack.

See above for a variety of the configurations possible with this mount.