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Gemini Pulsar 2 Drive Controller

Gemini Pulsar 2 Drive Controller

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What is the Pulsar 2?

Pulsar2 accepts servos or stepper motors with inputs of 12-18VDC and has two 4A outputs. Independent incremental encoders can be added. It connects to the PC via USB, Serial or LAN ports. It is ASCOM and INDI (Linux) compatible.

The Pulsar allows direct access from the internet (Internal web server) and surplus memory for large databases. Steppers are driven in 2 speed dependent modes, ensuring silent and silky smooth tracking AND high goto speeds.

It uses 8bit microstepping and is Lunatico Cloudwatcher and Talon compatible to facilitate direct parking via the AUX port. It has a foolproof initializing menu to help setting DEC motor rotation and finding the reference star.

Pulsar2 is compatible with any ASCOM planetarium program with the C2A planetarium program offering embedded support for Pulsar2 and a precise polar alignment tool also. All solar system objects can be precisely tracked with C2A and Pulsar2.

The Pulsar also supports friction drives and calculates the total reduction automatically. Upgrading the firmware takes 20 seconds and all user settings in the menu are protected.

The hand controller features internal GPS, a large display and graphic aid for initializing the mount. Information like the active speed (goto, guide or other), tracking mode (sidereal, lunar, planet, custom, etc), low voltage are always visible. Date and time are also shown. Time and latitude and longitude are updated every time Pulsar2 is switched on. The joystick works fast and reliably. There is also a WIFI virtual hand controller for Android devices on the Play Store (Pulsar Hand).

Besides Gemini mounts, Pulsar2 can drive your EQ6, GPDX, EM200, G11, and more, with suitable (stepper) motor kits. Pulsar2’s unique feature, the 8 bit microstep, allows you to use very low total gear ratio's (down to 180) which result in very smooth periodic error. It will also drive your DIY mount, Fork, German or AltAz.

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