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Achromatic Refractor Telescopes

Achromatic Refractor Telescopes

Achromats can be very low cost for there size as they do not use exotic glass and typically only have two elements. Achromats are ideal first scopes and well suited as donar scopes for H-Alpha based systems

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Tecnosky 102 F11 Doublet Achromat with 2" Focuser

£429.00 *

Tecnosky 152mm F5.9 Doublet Achromat 2.5" Focuser - SALE!

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Tecnosky 210mm F5.9 Doublet Achromat 3" Focuser

£4,299.00 *

Tecnosky 234mm F7.8 Doublet Achromat with 2.7" Focuser

£5,399.00 *
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