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EMC S100 Solar Filter Size 13

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The EMC S100 Solar Filters are a range of objective solar filters for observing the Sun in white light.

The size 13 filter will fit dew sheilds / tubes with an outside diameter of 458-509mm. They can also be fitted so they clamp inside a dew sheild with an aperture of 437-493mm

This size of filter is ideal for reflectors of approx 16".


Basic features of each filter are;


The filter foil is clamped between two flat rings made of aluminum

Full product range of 50 - 500 mm tube diameter

Infinitely adjustable clamp on the tube

No vignetting

Delivery includes Baader Planetarium AstroSolar

Suitable for all telescope designs


Secure fixing of the Solar filter to the tube or dew shield consists of 4 threaded columns of polyamide with a precisely controlled clamping action. The filter film used is Baader Astro Solar which is known for its excellent optical quality and can be easily replaced if damaged.

We can as a special order supply smaller sizes intended for outside mounting only for use with binoculars with roof prisms (2 required). The lens distance must be at least 66 to 78 mm. These sizes are special order and require details of the binoculars you wish to use.




The filter is usually mounted on the outside of the tube, which keeps the aperture of the optics completely intact. But it is also possible to use the filter inside the tube, thereby expanding the flexibility of the filters fitting options.

Delivery is standard with fully assembled film of density ND5 for both visual and photographic applications. For the same price, we can supply the solar filter with a film density ND3.8 exclusively for photographic use. This is a special order item and should not be used visually.

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